12 Long Haul Flight Essentials for Your Travel Checklist

by Jenna Lee
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Complete Your Travel Checklist with These 12 Long Haul Flight Essentials

Traveling on a long haul flight isn’t easy. It’s often cramped, cold, and borderline impossible to get any decent rest. However, adding just a few simple things to your travel checklist will help keep you comfortable. If you’re planning to travel abroad, be sure to throw these 12 long haul flight essentials in your carry on.

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Long Haul Flight Essentials

Long Haul Flight Tips to Help You Stay Less Miserable

Surviving a lengthy flight in economy is an art form. Adding the right items to your travel checklist is only the first step. While these long haul flight essentials will play a big role in your comfort, let’s talk about a few more tips that will help reduce the overall misery of being sardined in a flying can for 6+ hours.

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Keep Your Blood Flowing

Moving around periodically during a flight will not only help keep you comfortable, it’s important for your flight safety. Deep Vein Thrombosis is a serious health risk associated with long flights and it’s due to prolonged inactivity. Take care of your health by doing foot and leg stretches at your seat and occasionally getting up to move around. Whether it is to take a trip to the lavatory or just walk down and back the airplane aisle, the movement helps. Some larger airplanes even have areas with standing room.

Of course, stay in your seat when the seatbelt light is on, but don’t worry about bothering your neighbor when you feel like it’s time to stretch your legs. You can also wear (or pack) a pair of compression socks to help improve blood circulation and reduce swelling on long flights.

Dress Comfortably

Gone are the days where it’s customary to dress professionally for a flight and, no, it won’t help you get an upgrade. So, unless you are stepping off of the plane and into a business meeting, dress for comfort. Actually, go ahead and dress comfortably anyway and just change in the bathroom airport. Seriously, comfort is the most important factor when choosing what to wear on a plane. My go-to is a t-shirt with leggings or loose fitting pants.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Whether that’s a pair of sneakers or, in my case, a pair of leather flats, keep your feet comfortable. Whatever you do, don’t go barefoot on the plane. That’s nasty for both you and others. There’s a big debate out there about taking your shoes off on a plane. I think wearing shoes for the entirety of a long haul flight is supremely uncomfortable. I always pack a nice, thick, clean pair of socks in my backpack. When I’m ready to take my shoes off, I get those out so my neighbors will know I am putting clean socks on specifically for the ride. Otherwise, ewwwww.

Other Handy Items Pack in Your Carry On

  • A good book or your kindle for reading. Alternatively, you can download the Audible on your iPhone, iPad, android, or kindle device. Get two free audiobooks when you sign up with this link.
  • A toiletry kit with toothpaste and mini deodorant stick to freshen up before and after long flights.
  • A complete change of clothes for the really long flight plans or in case your bag gets lost. If you have lounge access , you may get lucky enough to take a shower during a layover or before your flight. That’s the best! Lounge access is sometimes available with upgraded seats, your credit card, or by purchasing a Priority Pass membership. Save 10% on a Priority Pass membership.
  • Your travel wallet containing your passport, a copy of your passport, all tickets, cards & currency, as well information for the nearest embassy in your destination. Carrying a travel wallet on your trip is a great way to keep important travel documents in one place.
  • An iPad or tablet for watching downloaded shows and movies from Netflix or Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video is free with your Prime subscription or, otherwise, $8.99 per month. You can also sign up here for a free 30 day trial.

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