Champagne, please! Those were my first two words upon boarding our Emirates JFK to Milan business class flight. Pre-flight champagne is just one of the amenities the airline offers to help passengers relax on a long-haul flight. If you’re looking for a luxurious flight to Italy, Emirates JFK to Milan route is a great option to consider if you are departing from NYC.  Flying business class on the Emirates A380 is definitely worth the splurge.

The aircraft offers ample space and luxury features that make the experience top-notch. From cozy seats to an on-board lounge, it’s clear that comfort and class are prioritized. Hopefully, this Emirates JFK to Milan business class review helps you decide if this luxury experience is right for you.

How to Choose the Best Seats in Business Class on the Emirates A380

The upper deck of the Emirates A380 is outfitted with spacious and fully lie-flat seats in a staggered 1-2-1 configuration. There is ample storage space including two side bins and a shoe box underneath. The pod-like design is equipped with counter space, pull-out trays, a mini-bar, and other essentials like headphones and charging stations.

If you ever fly Emirates business class, my advice would be to try and snag an A seat. The reason for this is that the K seats stagger along the window. If you choose an A seat, you still have plenty of space; but your counter is against the window, leaving your seat open to the aisle. For this reason, we chose not to sit together on the 8-hour flight from JFK to Milan. Instead, we chose seats 11A and 14A which are both true window seats and do not open toward the aisle.

Most couples may prefer to travel in the center seats. These are also referred to as Honeymoon Seats. This setup is a fantastic option for couples and would likely be our choice if we ever fly business on Emirates again. An adjustable seat divider gives you the option to create your own space or enjoy a cozier experience.

Honeymoon seats. Emirates JFK to Milan business class review.

Emirates JFK to Milan: A380 Entertainment and Amenities

Emirates’ in-flight entertainment system, ICE, is fantastic. Each passenger receives soundproof headphones and a personal 23″ screen with 2500 channels, which are full of an enormous selection of films, TV shows, foreign movies, and live sports broadcasts. Don’t forget to recline your seat and start binge-watching! There’s also a tablet docked on the side of your chair that controls your seat and the television.

The amenity bags are handed out just before takeoff. I loved these! Bulgari provided every bag with toiletries, including perfume and cologne. Of course, it included the essentials such as a brush, toothbrush, shaver, and so on. Women received a silvery bag similar to the one shown while males got a leather-trimmed pouch.

The Emirates A380 Has an Onboard Bar

This luxurious plane is equipped with an onboard bar and lounge area, making it the perfect place to relax and socialize with other passengers. Drinks are complimentary, so you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail or coffee with Bailey’s while you take in the amazing views. Nuts, treats and savory hors d’oeuvres are also available. The lounge is located at the rear of the upper deck and features couch-like seating and small tables.

The bar is exclusive to Business and First Class passengers, so you can enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of the main cabin. Though free alcohol may be standard for a business class ticket, it’s actually one of the perks that you can experience even in economy when you fly with Emirates.

The on board bar and lounge exclusive to Emirates business and first class passengers - JFK (NYC) to Milan flight review
The on board lounge offers a place for business and first class passengers to relax over cocktails and small bites.

Meal Service on Our Emirates JFK to Milan Flight

I’ll be honest; my expectations on this front were low. After all, we’re still aboard the plane. The meals were quite tasty and surprisingly fresh for an airline meal. Emirates served dinner and breakfast on our journey from JFK to Milan. The attendant took my first order shortly after takeoff.

The menu consisted of 3 options in each category – appetizer, main course, and dessert. If you have dietary restrictions, you can choose your meal from a special menu. The flight attendee was kind and helpful in explaining the choices and gave excellent advice on what I might like best. For example, asparagus soup was an appetizer, and while I enjoy asparagus, I would never have chosen it on my own. However, she convinced me that it would delicious and she was right.

When it’s time for dinner, the attendants come and set your “table” with linens, tableware, water, and a wine glass. The table setting is sophisticated. Emirates uses fine china and exclusive cutlery – a small but elegant touch. The meal service begins with salad and bread, then an appetizer, the main course, and dessert. The final touch to dinner service is a small box of fine chocolates.

Emirates JFK to Milan business class meal service.
Meal service on Emirates Business and First is a taste of luxury.

Complimentary Chauffeur Service to And from the Airport

One of the best amenities that comes with flying in Emirates business class isn’t even found on board the plane. I found Emirates complimentary chauffeur service to JFK to be one of the most valuable perks to our business class flight to Milan.

The airline will arrange black car service to and from the airport, anywhere within 50 miles. All you have to do is provide your home or hotel address and a driver will arrive at the specified time. When you arrive at your destination, another driver will be waiting to take you where you need to go.

Emirates covers the taxes, tolls, and even gratuities for their chauffeur service. This amenity, exclusive to Emirates Business Class and First-Class passengers, saved us from needing to book an expensive taxi from Manhattan to JFK or from MXP to the Milan train station. Eliminating the stress of arranging transportation in a foreign country is a huge plus.

Exclusive Lounge Access

We arrived at the airport quite a bit early to spend a couple of hours enjoying the lounge. The area was spacious and clean with a nice buffet filled with various local and international foods.

The Emirates lounge at JFK also includes several shower rooms. It was nice to be able to clean up after a long day in NYC and board the overnight flight to Milan refreshed. The shower attendant was extremely nice and kept the shower rooms spotless.

Funny sidenote: a guy about my age walked up while I was waiting for her to finish cleaning up the shower room I was going to use. There was a brief misunderstanding and she thought we were there to shower together. You can imagine the looks on our faces when she ushered us both in! We quickly cleared up the confusion and had a good laugh.

Emirates Business Class Boarding

The Emirates lounge at JFK is located directly above the airline’s main terminal. Emirates first-class and business passengers board directly from the lounge to the plane’s upper deck when it is time to depart. This was neat because you never feel like you’re in a line or waiting. When you step aboard, you will be greeted by name and escorted to your seat.

Our Overall Experience Flying Emirates JFK to Milan Business Class

The service we received on Emirates was outstanding, and that is especially true when it comes to customer care. We never felt neglected or as if they weren’t doing their utmost to look after us. I don’t recall ever needing to ask for anything. The attendants were always a step ahead, anticipating my needs. That’s rare on an airline, even in business class.

For example, at one point I returned from the restroom to find a full glass of wine waiting on my tray. The flight attendant circled back around to let me know that she had gone ahead and refilled my glass because she thought I might like to have more. In another instance, the attendant quickly offered to make my bed when she noticed I was beginning to doze off during a movie.

From their chauffeur service to their exclusive lounge access and attentive flight attendants, they go above and beyond to make sure their passengers are comfortable and well-cared for. The airline also offers a generous baggage allowance, even in Emirates economy. So, if you have the budget, give Emirates a try on your next long-haul flight.

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