When it comes to exploring hidden and distinctive wine regions, seeking out Oklahoma wineries may not be your first thought. But don’t dismiss it just yet – grapes thrive in Oklahoma! Along this wine trail, you’ll encounter wineries that cultivate their own grapes, those that source from local Oklahoma vineyards, and even some that import grapes and juices from more renowned wine regions like California. Regardless of their approach, every vintner adds their own unique flair.

8 Oklahoma Wineries and Where to Find them on the Chickasaw Country Wine Trail

Oklahoma boasts a wealth of remarkable wineries scattered throughout the state, and the Chickasaw Country wine trail is just one exciting section of this vinous journey. This picturesque trail meanders through the south-central part of the state, leading you to eight distinct Oklahoma wineries. From the downtown charm of some to the idyllic countryside settings of others, the trail promises a diverse range of wine experiences for every palate.

Coal Creek Winery and Summerside Vineyards in Tuttle. Oklahoma wineries in Chickasaw Country

Coal Creek and Summerside Winery and Vineyards

Our journey commences in the charming town of Tuttle, offering a double delight for wine aficionados – two Oklahoma wineries rolled into one. Following the retirement of the proprietors of Summerside Winery in Vinita, Coal Creek stepped in, not only acquiring their equipment but also choosing to carry forward the cherished winery’s heritage right here in Tuttle.

Set against the rustic countryside, this location provides a tranquil setting for indulging in exceptional wines while relaxing on the shaded patio deck. While you’re here, be sure not to miss out on their unique offerings, including cider wine and mead, which provide a delightful departure from the traditional reds and whites.

Bottles of wine at Flower Shop Winery in Chickasha. Chickasaw Country Wine Trail

Flower Shop Winery and Craft Pizza – Chickasha, Oklahoma

Next, take a short drive to Chickasha, where you’ll discover the Flower Shop Winery and Craft Pizza at the far end of Main Street, just before you reach the gigantic leg lamp. The establishment, owned by a dedicated winemaker proudly carrying on his family legacy, seamlessly blends the art of winemaking with the craft of creating gourmet pizzas from scratch.

Adding a further touch of creativity is the floral artwork on the labels of each bottle, each botanical masterpiece mirroring the character of its contents. The botanical masterpiece hints at the masterpiece within that beautifully mirrors the winery’s name and its brick-and-mortar beginning in a renovated old flower shop. his artistic touch, reminiscent of the winery’s origins within the walls of an old flower shop, perfectly complements its name.

For those seeking more than just delectable food and wine, the expansive outdoor seating area offers an ideal setting to revel in live music on the weekends. Here, a fusion of wine appreciation and pizza-making expertise creates a vibrant and lively atmosphere, making this Oklahoma winery the perfect destination for a memorable night out or a leisurely afternoon gathering with friends.

Shakespeare Wine Company in Chickasha indoor neon sign. Statue of man reading a book with a leather chair and bookshelf beside him.

Shakespeare Wine Company – Chickasha, Oklahoma

Just a few blocks away, the Shakespeare Wine Company invites you into its eclectic and intimate speakeasy ambiance. Taking inspiration from the renowned Parisian bookstore, this Oklahoma winery pays a heartfelt tribute to literary luminaries by christening its wines with the names of influential poets and writers. Decked out with a captivating array of antiques, inspirational quotes, and intriguing artwork, it offers a cozy rendezvous that marries the worlds of wine and culture

You needn’t fret about whether you’ll fit in among the wine aficionados here. The inclusive “Come One, Come All” ethos at Shakespeare Wine Company ensures that regardless of who you are, you’ll arrive as a stranger and depart as a friend. Be sure to capture a moment with “Billy Shakes” (a.k.a. William Shakespeare) – an indoor mural that beautifully encapsulates the essence of this brilliant establishment.

Cotton Blossom Winery in Marlow, Oklahoma

Cotton Blossom Winery – Marlow, Oklahoma

Continuing our journey southward, we find ourselves in Marlow, where Cotton Blossom Winery injects a hip and trendy vibe into the Chickasaw Country wine trail. Although currently located on Main Street, they’re in the process of expanding into a newer, more spacious facility. This winery specializes in crafting small-batch wines using grapes sourced from renowned wine regions such as California and Argentina.

In a delightful twist on tradition, cleanse your palate with freshly popped popcorn instead of the usual accompaniments like bread and cheese. It’s an unconventional yet delightful way to savor a flight of their exceptional wines. Community spirit thrives here with game nights that bring everyone together, and you simply can’t leave without indulging in their unique wine ice cream. This fusion of traditional winemaking, innovation, and a dash of contemporary flair makes Cotton Blossom a fun and exciting addition to your day trip to Marlow or if you are in Rush Springs for the annual watermelon festival.

Bar table at Rusty Nail Winery in Sulphur, Oklahoma

Rusty Nail Winery – Sulphur, Oklahoma

Make your way east to Sulphur, Oklahoma for a stop at the charming Rusty Nail Winery. The name itself pays homage to the building’s intriguing history. During the renovation process, a bucket filled with rusty nails was unearthed, shedding light on its origins as a hardware store. Whether you’re planning a fun-filled girls’ trip or seeking a romantic retreat, Rusty Nail Winery offers an inviting atmosphere where you can delight in a wine list ranging from sweet to dry.

What adds to its appeal is its prime location within easy walking distance of the Artesian Hotel and Casino. If you’re spending the weekend or planning a day trip to Sulphur, this proximity makes Rusty Nail Winery an excellent starting point for your evening escapades. After indulging in their delectable wines, you can venture onward to experience the elegance and mystique of the Flower Bluff Manor, a nearby dining establishment known for its delicious food and intriguing ambiance.

Old Silo Winery in Tishomingo. Oklahoma wineries on the Chickasaw Country Wine Trail.

Old Silo Winery – Tishomingo, Oklahoma

As the journey continues, the next stop on our adventure leads us to Tishomingo, where Old Silo Winery awaits as a serene escape. Old Silo Winery emerged from the dreams of this couple who left the bustling city life behind to fully embrace the natural beauty and tranquility of Johnston County. Housed within a meticulously restored old grain silo, the winery’s tasting room persuades you to disconnect from the relentless hustle and bustle of daily life. Here, there’s no intrusion of Wi-Fi signals, only the exquisite company of fine wines, friendly faces, and picturesque surroundings.

Located on an unassuming dirt road just beyond town, Old Silo Winery is a peaceful and cozy hideaway that’s as easy to overlook as it is to adore. This must-visit stop on the Chickasaw Country wine trail is a place where nature’s beauty and the artistry of winemaking come together, offering a peaceful respite and the opportunity to stop and savor the moment.

If you plan to stick around, consider staying at one of the local Inns such as the Mulberry Inn or Pennington Inn. These historic properties are both located in the heart of downtown Tishomingo. In addition to visiting the winery, there are plenty of boutiques, local restaurants, and other things to do to keep you busy, making it perfect for a girls trip, couples weekend or even a Mother’s Day getaway.

Waddell Vineyards in Ada. Oklahoma wineries

Waddell Vineyards – Ada, Oklahoma

The next destination on the Chickasaw Country wine trail takes us back north to Ada. With its expansive vineyards and an enchanting wedding venue, Waddell Vineyards stands as a true gem. From the quaint little white chapel to the pergola gracefully adorned with cascading grapevines, this winery embodies both chic elegance and picturesque beauty.

Following a tour of the winery and vineyard, take a moment to unwind in one of the comfortable Adirondack chairs under the cool shade of the grapevines. This is the perfect spot to savor the fruits of your exploration, sipping on the wine that resonates most deeply with your palate.

BG Meadery in Stonewall OK

B and G Meadery – Stonewall, Oklahoma

Embark on the final leg of your journey and treat yourself to one final stop at B and G Meadery in Stonewall, Oklahoma. Here, you’ll discover a one-of-a-kind winery known for its exceptional mead, a unique type of wine crafted from honey instead of grapes. This delightful departure from the ordinary takes honey sourced from local farms and infuses it with fresh, whole fruits.

As you step into the barn-style tasting room or relax on the inviting outdoor patio, you’ll immediately sense the warmth and hospitality of the owners, who treat every visitor like family. Their passion for mead shines through as they guide you through a tasting experience that is both educational and delightful. And, if you discover a few meads that particularly tickle your taste buds, don’t hesitate to inquire about their monthly mead club. It’s the perfect way to continue your mead journey long after your visit to this unique and welcoming establishment.

Why You Should Explore the Oklahoma Wineries on the Chickasaw Country Wine Trail

As you navigate the Chickasaw Country wine trail, you’ll discover flavors, stories and experiences waiting to be uncorked. Each of the Oklahoma wineries you will visit offers a distinctive product and narrative, inviting you to experience Oklahoma in an extraordinary way. From rustic countrysides to historic downtowns, raise a glass and toast to adventure.

While it may not match the rolling vineyards of Napa Valley, these Oklahoma wineries offer something distinctively American. Here, you’ll savor the essence of a unique and authentic wine culture, firmly rooted in the heartland of the United States. So, come and join us on this remarkable journey, where every bottle tells a tale, and every sip is a celebration of the extraordinary flavors and stories that make the Chickasaw Country wine trail a true American treasure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oklahoma Wineries

Remember that specific details, including opening hours, events, and policies, may vary from one winery to another so it’s a good idea to check with the wineries directly or visit their websites for the most up-to-date information before planning your visit.

What types of grapes are grown in Oklahoma vineyards?

Oklahoma vineyards grow a variety of grape varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Muscadine, and Norton, among others.

Can I visit Oklahoma wineries year-round?

Yes, many wineries are open year-round, but it’s a good idea to check their websites or contact them in advance, as hours of operation may vary depending on the season.

Can I bring my own food to Oklahoma wineries?

Some wineries may allow outside food, but it’s essential to confirm their policy in advance. Many wineries also have on-site restaurants or food options available.

What are some tips for responsible wine tasting?

Always have a designated driver, drink responsibly, and consider purchasing bottles to take home if you plan to sample multiple wines. It’s also a good idea to eat before or during your wine tasting experience.

Are there any cultural or historical attractions to visit in Chickasaw Country along with winery tours?

Yes, Chickasaw Country offers a wide range of cultural and historical attractions, including Chickasaw Cultural Center, museums, and historical sites. Combining winery tours with visits to these attractions can make for a well-rounded experience.

How can I find more information about Oklahoma wineries in Chickasaw Country and plan a visit?

You can find detailed information about wineries and vineyards in Chickasaw Country, including their locations, offerings, and contact details, on their websites or through resources provided by Chickasaw Country’s tourism website.

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