Soar Over the Mountains on the Sundance Zipline Tour in Utah

by Jenna Lee
Taking off on the Sundance Zipline scenic tour in Utah.

This summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Utah Valley. If you are unsure where Utah Valley is located, you’ll find it in the northern part of the state along the Wasatch Front. This particular area includes the cities and towns that lie along the Wasatch Range or the western Rocky Mountains. There are, of course, a number of mountains in the area but perhaps the most beloved is Mount Timpanogos. In fact, Robert Redford loves it so much that is where he developed the famous Sundance Mountain Resort. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend some time at the resort and doing activities like the Sundance Zipline Tour while visiting Utah Valley.

Experiencing the Sundance zipline tour over Mount Timpanogos was a highlight of my trip to the Utah Valley. Right before the canopy tour, I spent the morning hiking through the ridges of the same mountain to one of Utah’s most beautiful waterfalls. Needless to say, it was a pretty scenic day. Figuratively and literally.

This article is written in partnership with Explore Utah Valley to share ways for travelers to explore and enjoy this beautiful region of the USA.

Getting Ready to Zip over Mount Timpanogos

View toward the first platform for the Sundance Zipline tour at Mount Timpanogos in Utah

The last time, which was also the first time, I did a canopy zipline tour was in Kentucky. We flew tree top to tree top and over a limestone gorge. The kids and I were so impressed that it became a highlight of our 3-week road trip across the eastern half of the United States. Over a year later, the kids still talk about it and remind me we need to plan another trip to Lexington. So, when I heard about the Sundance zipline tour, I knew that had to be on my list of must-do activities in Utah Valley. I knew the views from above the mountain were going to be incredible. The mountains never disappoint.

We met at the location at the designated time to get our gear and go through the required safety orientation. Don’t bother to bring your backpack because you won’t be allowed to wear it on the tour. I kept my phone with me in my pants zip pocket and shoved a bottle of water in my gear. You’ll want the water, especially if you’re visiting in the summer. The Sundance zipline tour lasts about 3 hours and it gets pretty hot in the summer afternoons. Not keeping a bottle of water with you for the tour would be a huge mistake.

Soaring Peak to Peak on the Sundance Zipline Tour

Sundance Zipline, scenic Ziptour in Utah. View from the platform

To get to the starting point, you must ride the chair lift up to the first stop. Once you arrive, a guide provides a brief training on how to start, stop, and slow down using your equipment. They also reiterate the dos and don’ts such as not adjusting your gear without assistance from staff. Once you are comfortable using the practice zip, you’ll take a short walk to the first zip across the mountains.

The Sundance Zipline Tour consists of 5 zips that get progressively longer and faster. All of them are full of expansive views over Mount Timpanogos and Utah Valley. Since you can control your own speed, you can actually slow down or even stop mid-air to soak it all in. Personally, I wanted to experience one of the really cool aspects of the Sundance Zipline – speeds up to 65 mph! This was definitely one of those times I wish I owned a GoPro.

Views from Arrowhead Summit

If you take the full zip tour, you will find yourself on Arrowhead Summit. The 360° views from this point on the mountain are incredible. If you look closely, you’ll even be able to see Bridal Veil Falls in the distance. It is so beautiful from Arrowhead Summit that some people take the scenic lift up the mountain just to have lunch at Bearclaw Cafe, a small mountaintop lodge.

Bearclaw Cafe on Arrowhead Summit at Sundance Mountain Resort
View from Arrowhead Summit at Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah
View from the top of Bishops Bowl during our scenic zipline tour at Sundance Mountain Resort.
When is the Sundance Zipline open?

The Sundance Zipline is open during both summer and winter seasons at the Sundance Mountain Resort. Specific dates and hours of operation can be found on the official Sundance Mountain Resort website.

Do I need to make reservations for the Sundance ZipTour?

The zip tours at Sundance fill up fast! To avoid missing out on this epic adventure, book your ride in advance.

Can I take a camera on the zipline?

You can take your phone or camera but you can’t use it during the actual zip due to safety reasons. You can wear a mounted GoPro as long as it doesn’t interfere with the equipment. I used my phone to take pictures from the zip platforms as well as from Arrowhead Summit on the way to Bishops Bowl.

How long does the Sundance Zipline Tour last?

The full tour consists of 5 zips including the demo and typically lasts 2-3 hours.

How high and how fast is the zip line at Sundance?

The highest point on the zip tour is approximately 480 feet. Riders may soar over the mountain at speeds of 65mph. However, if you want to take it slow, you’re in control. Instructors will teach you how to speed up and slow down on the line.

How long is the zip?

The demo zip is 100 ft and the 4 spans are a collective distance of 9,729 ft with a 2100 ft vertical drop. The longest zip on the tour, Outlaw, is 3,871 ft.

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