8 Oklahoma gardens worth visiting year-round

by Jenna Lee
Philbrook Gardens and Museum

Spring has sprung and that means it is time for some of my favorite flowers to start blooming. The warm air and bright sunshine after a long and often dull Oklahoma winter always makes me eager to get outside in the gardens. The first nice Saturday is usually an enthusiastic one filled with shopping trips to Lowe’s and local nurseries to pick out my favorite annuals. Sometimes, though, it is nice to enjoy other people’s work. Especially since their work is infinitely better than my own.

Spending the day meandering along flower filled pathways and meticulously landscaped terraces is always a treat. While many parks are typically lauded (and rightfully so) for the dramatic bursts of color from early bloomers like bright daffodils and cheerful tulips, summer and fall offers plenty of its own pizzazz. These Oklahoma gardens are what I may consider the best in the state and full of reasons to visit no matter the season.

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