Hey guys! This is the first official product review on my website. I’m excited because I know you’re going to love this foldable bag. Partnering with Scout Bags to bring you this review of the Scout Plus 1 Foldable Travel Bag made perfect sense because I use this bag ALL. THE. TIME. It’s essential in my travel life and, because of my souvenir addiction, it is always on my packing list. So, what IS a Scout bag? My Scout 2-in-1 foldable travel bag is functional, ideal for packing, surprisingly spacious, and, most importantly, it is affordable.

Update: This post was updated on February 2, 2019, to reflect new and relevant information. I still love and use my Scout 2 in 1 travel bag on nearly every trip! Last year, it traveled with me to 18 US states as well as England, Iceland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. I’m happy to report that it’s still holding strong!

Pick a Pattern and Customize Your Scout 2-in-1 Foldable Travel Bag 

We all have our own flare and so should your bag. Scout currently offers 6 patterns to choose from when selecting one of their foldable travel bags. When I ordered mine, it was a toss-up between Midnight in Paris and the Swimfan. Ultimately, I settled on Midnight in Paris because I just love the black and white paisley. However, that pattern is no longer an option. My two favorites from their current patterns are Nantucket Navy and Montauk Mint.

If you love a touch of personalization, Scout offers monogramming for just $12. You can add your initials or name up to 10 characters. Just select the option to personalize your Scout bag before adding it to the cart and follow the instructions to enter characters as you would like them to appear on the bag.

The Best Things About Scout’s Foldable Travel Bag (According to Me)

I bet you’re asking, “What makes this bag so special? There are many reasons but one of my favorite things about the Plus 1 is that it fulfills its function, but it is also a bag that I enjoy carrying on its own. Unless you’re willing to spend an arm and a leg, it seems like you’re always sacrificing one or the other when it comes to practical and versatile travel gear, but this one really has it all and for a great price! So, I guess that is the second reason I love the bag, it’s affordable!

The third thing I love about it is the space. I’m not sure what I expected size-wise, but I was really impressed once I got it unfolded! Unpacked from its pouch, the bag dimensions are 22.5″Wx14.5″Hx7″D making it a perfect weekender bag. The little pouch then buttons in to hold all of your smaller items together. Another use I have found for the pouch is that it is perfect to carry down to the pool or the beach to hold a few items like my phone, sunscreen, room key, etc.

The Best Foldable Travel Bags are Lightweight

So, it is functional and fashionable, but is it lightweight? If you travel often, you know how important this one thing is. If nothing else matters, THESE things matter. Luggage space is prime real estate, and a suitcase is worth its weight in gold considering baggage fees these days. Scout bags are made with quilted poly twill fabric. This makes the tote super lightweight. The design also means that the bag takes up very little space as it folds into its designated pouch.

In fact, the whole reason I pack this Scout in my bag is to carry on some of the heavier items and souvenirs I collect throughout my travels to maximize suitcase space and avoid fees at the airport. I think the best use of this bag so far might be hauling back all the Belgian chocolate from Bruges last year!

Where to Purchase the Scout Plus 1 Travel Bag

The Scout Plus 1 can be purchased directly from Scout or through Amazon. This particular bag is currently priced at $45 through both websites. However, if you would like personal monogramming, you will need to order directly as that service is not offered through Amazon.

A HUGE thank you to Scout for providing me with a Plus 1 for free in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Jenna Walker

Jenna Walker is a travel writer from Oklahoma who lives with her husband, two children, and three rescue pets. While out and about in the world, she loves spending time outdoors, exploring local culture, and trying new foods. Jenna knows that, often, we overlook our own backyard. You can also find her stories and guides on the website, The Oklahoma Experience.