10 Unique Travel Gifts Under $50

by Jenna Lee
Unique Travel Gifts Under $50

10 Unique Travel Gifts Under $50 – Christmas 2018

Can you believe how fast the year has gone by? Christmas season is here again and it’s time to start thinking about that special gift to give your friend or partner. Hey, and don’t forget yourself! Whether you’re looking for a gift that inspires or something useful for the journey, these 10 unique travel gifts are great for any traveler and they are all under $50.

(post updated for 2018)

Ultimate Journeys For Two

Ultimate Journeys for Two Book - Unique Travel Gifts

If you’re a glutton for travel inspiration, this book is a must-have. Trotting seven continents over six years, Mike and Anne Howard are the world’s longest honeymooners and this book chronicles many of their experiences. What’s unique about this book is that it goes beyond the framework of a traditional travel guide and focuses on how to truly experience a destination and have the journey of a lifetime. Since the Howards are extended honeymooners, you’ll also find loads of tips on how to travel successfully as a couple.

Ultimate Journeys for Two is the perfect gift to give that friend or family member who loves to see the world, yourself, or especially that couple who dreams to see the world together. Each page is full of beauty, inspiration and practical tips to make their (or your own) ultimate journey.

Buy Ultimate Journeys for Two on Amazon.

Want a signed copy? Order directly from the HoneyTrek website.


Scout Plus 1 Foldable Travel Bag

Scout Plus 1 Foldable Travel Bag

I actually recieved one of these from Scout back in February for the purpose of a review. Since recieving it, I have taken it on nearly every trip! I really love this 2-in-1 bag because of how practical it is. While I have grown to appreciate packing light, I have not outgrown my tendency to come home from a trip with lots of goodies. It’s got plenty of space but small enough to carry on and it’s lightweight.

My favorite feature is that it folds up into that tiny bag you see there in the photo. Just pack it up in your suitcase and when you’re ready to come home, just unfold and voila! You have a whole carryon size bag to fill with all the things you’ve collected including a supply of that one snack you can only get in that one place.

It also works really well as a beach or pool bag and the small bag can be used to stow personal items such as phones and wallets. It’s also durable. So far this year, my Scout Plus 1 has traveled through 5 countries and 17 US states and it’s still going strong. My bag is Midnight in Paris, but you can choose from several patterns. Check out more patterns or purchase the Scout Plus 1 Foldable Travel Bag.

Read my full review of the Scout Plus 1 Foldable Travel Bag

Apple SD card reader


Let’s face it, we live in a mobile world and sharing photos is a must. This little gem bridges the gap between SLR and all those precious social media accounts. It’s also a simple way to get photos from phone to computer and backed up properly and safely.  Order the Apple SD Card Reader on Amazon




The Trtl Pillow


This little travel pillow is how I got to sleep despite being stuck in the dreaded middle seat on a long flight home from Amsterdam. I recieved one of my own as a Christmas gift last year and it has served me well.

The uniqueness of the Trtl is exactly why it deserves a spot on the list of unique travel gifts. It’s half the size of a normal travel pillow, scientifically proven to support even through those long flights, and the soft fleece wraps around your neck to keep you cozy. The Trtl is definitely for the traveler in your life!

Purchase the Trtl Pillow on Amazon. 


Read about my favorite side trip from Amsterdam.


Scratch Off World Map

A traveler is typically very proud of exactly how much of the world they have discovered and have every intention to see more. This Scratch of World Map is a fun way to track your travel and inspire more journeys. Order now!




Bodum Stainless Steel Travel Press

This 15 oz portable coffee press/mug was made for the on the go caffeine fiend. Whether you love french press, pour over or loose leaf tea, this mug will brew it and keep it hot for up to 6 hours. Just pour in the grounds, pop on the lid and get on your way. After 4 minutes, plunge and it’s ready to drink at your convenience!

Order a Bodum Travel Press.


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Infinity Travel Scarf

We can never have too many scarves! Scarves are a fun, versatile, and warm way to accessorize an outfit. In this case, a scarf is also a safe place to store small valuables instead of lugging around a bag or worrying about pick pockets.

The hidden zipper pocket is large enough to store your phone, passport, keys and cash. Know a traveler? This scarf is the perfect mix of practical and stylish. Choose from a variety of colors!

View color options.



Leather Money Belt

Seldom thought of, but a super handy way to safely carry cash while traveling. I first came across leather money belts while researching for our trip to Italy last year. A standard money belt works great as well, but this is a stylish option if you don’t feel like wearing one of those.

If the traveler in your life enjoys a bit of style on the road, a leather money belt is the perfect gift. View on amazon.


After spending 2 weeks in Italy, these are some of our favorite photos!

Phone Charging Passport Holder

Stay organized and powered up with this phone charging passport holder. The removable power bank included will help keep your phone charged while the RFID will keep your passport and credit cards secure.

This handy travel wallet comes in 8 different variations. Pick your favorite color here.



Tile Mate (Finder)

Do you know someone who has a hard time keeping up with things? This tracker is perfect! You can attach it to your key ring, bag or anything else you don’t want to lose. Can’t find your phone? Just press the button on the tile you attached to your keyring. The connected app will ring even if your phone is on silent.

A friend turned me on to this product a while back and it has been a life saver. You can buy a single Tile Mate or a pack of four for under $50. Get the Tile Mate here.

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