Traveling to Iceland? Start Planning Your Dream Trip.

by Jenna Lee
Traveling to Iceland

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traveling to Iceland

Traveling to Iceland?

Congrats! Traveling to Iceland is on almost everybody’s bucket list and there’s no question how it got there. Not only do you have one of the best chances of seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland, but Iceland is known for being one of the most incredible locations in the world to experience nature at its finest. No matter what time of year you decide to go, there are amazing experiences available. In fact, I’ll be heading there myself this month (March). I’m REALLY hoping to catch the Northern Lights. I’ll also be hitting up the Blue Lagoon this time around!

Now that you know you’re heading to one of the most naturally incredible places in the world, it’s time to start piecing your trip together. Perhaps you have an idea of some things you want to do and are looking for more ideas or planning guidance. Maybe you don’t have a trip booked yet but the travel bug has bitten and your curiosity has peaked. Either way, a little research and inspiration never hurt!

This post was sponsored by Travelade. As always, all opinions are my own.

Things to do in Iceland

Where to begin?! Iceland is full of some amazing experiences and you definitely want to do your research to make sure you know everything Iceland has to offer. Knowing what you can do will help you pick out your “can’t miss” activities. Travelade is an awesome site to help you find what appeals to you most. From there, you can go ahead and book those experiences.

I often refer to blog posts to help me with my own trip planning. One of the things I love about this particular website is that bloggers and other users can submit blog posts related to different activities. When you find an activity that you think you will enjoy, you are able to read some independent articles about that particular experience. Pretty cool!

Here are just a few of the amazing experiences you can have in Iceland. I personally consider these few to be “can’t miss” activities. To make it easy, I’ve linked each experience to the corresponding Travelade page. From there, you can either check the available tours or read other related blog posts that will give you further information that particular activity. For example, if you clicked on “hiking,” there are several posts about where to hike in Iceland.

Blue Lagoon –  Iceland’s most popular geothermal spa!

Northern Lights – If you’re traveling to Iceland, you definitely don’t want to miss the Aurora!

Golden Circle – Iceland’s ultimate sightseeing route!

Hiking – Hiking will absolutely enhance your Icelandic experience whether you are a novice or an advanced hiker; however, you will definitely want to plan properly and responsibly!



golden circle traveling to iceland

Planning your Itinerary

If you’re like me, you want to do it all; and if you’re like most people, you only have a certain amount of time to do it. If you’re neither of those and you are the type who buys a one-way ticket with no time restraints, I’m jealous! While I do recommend leaving open-ended time in your schedule to enjoy the unexpected, get off the beaten path or simply relax, I highly recommend planning out (at least) your most important activities so you don’t leave your trip disappointed.

I’m a DIY planner myself and rely heavily on blogs to guide me during travel planning. Without a general plan and a few things booked in advance, you may find yourself unable to accomplish what you set out to see and do. The reasons for this will vary. In some places, its popularity and dealing with lines or visitor limits. For example, if we hadn’t booked a tour for the Vatican, we would’ve wasted 3 hours in line. Or would have I?

In Iceland, you’re not just dealing with the popularity of certain activities. You also need to consider weather and road conditions that you may not be accustomed to. When booking a tour for say, the Golden Circle, you can rest easy knowing someone native to the area will be carting you around on the Icelandic roads. As a girl from Oklahoma who is not a well-seasoned driver in ice and snow, I find tremendous value in booking that tour.

If you struggle with planning, Travelade also has some itinerary ideas based on how long you will be visiting. If you are thinking about traveling to Iceland, I definitely recommend using their website as a resource.

traveling to iceland

This post was sponsored by Travelade. As always, all thoughts opinions are my own.

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