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Travel Junkie? 12 Things We All Have In Common

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Are you a Travel Junkie?

Most people enjoy travel, but some of us simply can’t function without having our next trip in the books. It doesn’t really matter where we go, as long as we are exploring. Check out my reader-inspired Top 12 Reasons you might be a travel junkie!

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You Might be a Travel Junkie if…

12. You have anxiety because you don’t currently have any travel reservations.


11. You have 3 tabs open on your work computer – one for kayak, one for Airbnb and one for your job.


10. You’ve been home one week, and you are already bored.


9. You have an album on your phone labeled, “Next Vacay,” filled with pictures of exotic places


8. You spend more time at an Airbnb more than you do in your own home.


7. Your entire life can be crammed into a 50L backpack.


6. You’ve asked yourself things like, “New bed or trip to Prague?”


5. You go to Prague and sleep on a mattress for 6 months – because you can’t afford the bed.



4. You sleep on just the mattress for 6 MORE months because, hey, that amount of money will pay for 4 nights in Bruges. You’ll have a bed while you’re in Bruges.


3. Passport stamps are your only real possessions.


2. Your bag stays packed with travel essentials and ready to go at all times.


1. You use the plane ride home to map out your next adventure.


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27 thoughts on “Travel Junkie? 12 Things We All Have In Common”

  1. I cracked up reading this! I am a homebody but my friend is definitely a travel junkie. It pains him to stay in the state for more than two weeks!

  2. Amazing post. And, this makes me feel like I should start saving and planning for my next vacation. There is nothing more beautiful than meeting more people and knowing about their culture.

  3. I am a homebody, but this cracks me up because it is my sister to a “T”. She literally has a trip planned every. single. month. Great post!

  4. Fun list and hilarious GIFs! 11 is me except with I’m getting itchy feet right now but it’s been so nice to be at home with my 2 lovely dogs!

  5. I wouldn’t call myself a travel junkie but I hear you. I came back from cottage country on July 22 and felt really bummed that I’m not going away again until October 6. (privileged much?)

  6. I have planned a million trips and maybe taken 10 of them. Right now we are planning 10 days in Europe in the Spring and I have already created 5 lists in AirBnB for various cities since we haven’t quite decided yet.

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