5 Reasons You Should Upgrade to a Business Class Tickets If You Fly on the Emirates A380

While I wouldn’t label myself as a budget traveler, I am by no means a luxury traveler. So when I saw that commercial of Jennifer Aniston ballin’ at a bar in the sky, I chalked that up as a fantasy and moved on. Sure, there are reasons you should upgrade, but Business Class on any airline is pricey – REALLY pricey. I fly Economy and although Economy isn’t always comfortable, it’s generally affordable and, on a good day, it might even be dirt cheap.

The availability of cheap flights and the ease of finding them through websites like skyscanner, momondo, or even google flights doesn’t make it any easier to justify the price tag of a Business Class upgrade. Thanks to Jennifer Aniston and a savvy marketing team, flying Emirates Business Class on an A380 was nestled pretty high up on both of our bucket lists. The question remained…  Can it really be all that great or WAS it just great marketing? Are the perks of the upgrade really worth the price?

Thanks to a two-for-one fare that Emirates ran on their JFK to Milan route, we decided to splurge and live the fantasy. Here are my top 5 reasons you should upgrade to Business, at least on an Emirates A380.

Disclaimer: For typical economy flyers (and some business flyers), flying upstairs on Emirates may ruin all future experiences in the air.

Private Chaffeur Service

Wait, what? Yep, you’re reading it right. On any Business or First Class flight, each passenger receives black car service both to the airport prior to departure and to wherever you need to go upon arrival at your destination within 60 miles. You don’t have to share the car with anyone, not even your partner! Of course, we rode in the same car but if for some reason you wanted or needed to ride separately, you could. This service alone is like gold when you’re traveling to or from an unfamiliar city in, quite possibly, a language you do not speak. All you do is plug where you want to be picked up and dropped off into your Emirates travel itinerary. You don’t have to worry about anything. Emirates even covers the driver gratuities!

While getting from a hotel in NYC to the JFK airport isn’t too much to handle, knowing transportation is handled in Milan was a huge stress-reliever. Likewise, it was really nice to know there would be a nice man in a black Mercedes to pick us up in Milan again when it was time to go, and that he would know exactly where we needed to go. In our case, each ride was about an hour except one in NYC that was nearly two hours due to traffic. Now, I’m not saying a business ticket compensates for the cost of a taxi cab, but there is a decent chunk of monetary value in this particular service. This is definitely one of the top reasons you should upgrade from that economy ticket!

Emirates Airport Lounge

This is another aspect of Emirates that I really enjoyed because of our business class ticket. They really do a great job in the service department and their lounge is no exception. We were cordially greeted and they verified our ticket prior to entry. The Emirates lounge was beautiful, spacious and immaculately clean in both NYC and Milan airports. We arrived at the airport 3 hours in advance just to soak in and enjoy the full experience of the lounge and we did.

There were several food options, including desserts and a self serve bar with wine or liquor. After trying out basically everything, I took advantage of the shower. We spent the day walking all over NYC and it was nice to be able to freshen up before boarding. If you are in First Class, you can skip this in the lounge and take a shower on board!

Another nice aspect of the Lounge is that it boards directly to the upper deck of the A380 which means you don’t have to leave the lounge to go find a gate or wait in line with hundreds of other passengers. You can simply relax with your wine until it’s time to go!

That In-Flight Bar!

The bottom line is that it’s just cool. You can’t help but feel like a rock star while you hang out at a bar in the sky! Of course, you can’t go to the bar immediately, but they are prompt to offer you a glass of champagne while they complete boarding procedures for the aircraft. Once the plane is in the air, you are free to head to the back and socialize. In the bar, there are “couches” and small tables. There is also a standing area with a place to set your glass. Small snacks are spread about on platters and bowls and include nuts and bite size desserts.

Food and Entertainment

Who doesn’t dread an in-flight meal? Flight meals serve one purpose and that is to relieve hunger pains – maybe. I was pleasantly surprised with the options and quality of each meal on the way and on our return. The menu provides 3 options for each course – appetizer, entree and dessert. In addition, you receive bread and salad beforehand and a small box of chocolates when you finish! Between the lounge and 2 meals on each flight, I ate my heart out! Might I add that my glass of wine was never empty? Not once.

I chose not to take my iPad on this trip because I knew I wouldn’t use it in Italy anyway so I was banking on the entertainment options on board. Risky, I know. I like to live on the edge.

Fortunately, that risk worked out. There are a ton of movies and shows to keep you occupied. In fact, there are 2500 channels to choose from! A tablet and remote are in each console that allows you to control the seat and screen. Emirates also provides each seat a set of noise-cancelling headphones to ensure you can rest without a bother by anything else going on in the plane. Our flight was quiet, but some people are sensitive when trying to sleep so its a nice touch.

Incredible Service

When you’re on a flight do you ever get the feeling that once the flight attendant has passed through, you might not see them until you land? Even in business class on some un-named airlines, getting their attention is a chore. Not on Emirates. The attendants patrol the aisles basically non-stop in case anybody needs to ask for anything.

Personally, I never had to actually ask because they picked up on what I needed as they walked by. While reclining my chair, one stopped to ask if I would like him to make my bed(thank goodness for lie-flat seats). Yes, complete with a mattress pad for some added comfort. On my way back from the restroom, an attendant stopped me to let me know she refilled my wine. Why did she do this? Because I wasn’t there to ask and she noticed my glass was low. There’s value in good service and Emirates delivers the kind of service worth paying for.

That’s all I have for today. Of course, these aren’t all the reasons you should upgrade if you get a chance to fly on an Emirates A380 but they aren’t a bad start! Check out the Emirates website for a full list of the benefits!

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