Norsk Høstfest – Experiencing Scandinavian Heritage in North Dakota

by Jenna Lee
norsk hostfest scandinavian heritage

Scandinavian Heritage in North Dakota

If you’re interested in Scandinavia but haven’t had the chance to cross the pond to see the Nordics in person, you might consider a trip up to North Dakota this fall. Believe it or not, Minot is home to the largest Scandinavian festival in North America. Tens of thousands of folks from all over the world visit North Dakota each year to celebrate Scandinavian Heritage!

Why North Dakota? North Dakota is rich with Scandinavian heritage. The first of many immigrants came from Norway as far back as 1869 to settle in Northern Dakota when the land further east in places such as Iowa and Wisconsin became more difficult to acquire due to popularity and cost. Swedish settlers came later to North Dakota as well as some from Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. Since its inception in 1978, all 5 Scandinavian countries are recognized annually in this festival known as Norsk Høstfest.

What is Norsk Høstfest?

Norsk Høstfest is an all-out celebration of Scandinavian culture! Held at the North Dakota State Fair Center, each of the 5 countries has its own hall named after its capital. In these halls you can find authentic cuisine, jewelry, and entertainment. You can shop local artisans and even wander into a Viking Village for a glimpse into the past. If you decide to head out, get ready for a weekend full of live performances, shopping and unique dining experiences. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try your hands at making Lefse at the Lefse Masters!

norsk hostfest scandinavian heritage


Does it Cost?

Adult General Admission will run you $40 per person while kids 12 and under are free. Teenagers (ages 12-17) are just $10. Your General Admission ticket will get you access to most of what the festival has to offer. The only exclusion to the ticket is the Great Hall performances. If the lineup is of interest, you can purchase a ticket to the concert and your General Admission is included. The Great Hall schedule can be found on the Norsk Høstfest website.

Who would of thought you could find a piece of Scandinavia in North Dakota? If you’re looking for a unique experience or want to have fun learning all about the Nordic region, pack the family up and head to Minot this September for food, fun and culture!

Learn more about Norsk Høstfest here.

Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by Norsk Hostfest. As always, all opinions are my own.

norsk hostfest scandinavian heritage

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