Growing Your Blog | 5 Highly Effective Tips

by Jenna Lee
Growing Your Blog

Growing Your Blog

How Do You Grow Your Blog?

First off, congratulations on getting your blog set up! That is such a huge step and an accomplishment of which you should definitely be proud. Now it is time to show the world what you have to offer and launch your website! If you haven’t gotten your website set up yet, refer back to my previous post, “Start Your Own Blog,” for some easy peasy step by step instructions. If you are already all set up, keep reading. It’s time to start growing your blog!
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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just launch your website and watch the traffic start to roll in? What a dream! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Growing your blog takes time, effort, and a plan that you are committed to following.

“time, effort, and a plan…”

Initially building up traffic is hard but you CAN do it. I promise! Finding Facebook groups for blog support is absolutely essential to your growth and success. You WILL need the support found in these groups! I’d love for you to join our group Women Who Blog and you can do so by clicking here. You will also want to join a few Facebook groups focused on your niche. You will be able to use those groups to promote new posts on threads or as allowed.

Facebook groups are EXTREMELY helpful in driving traffic as well as building relationships with other bloggers so don’t be afraid to join a few blog and niche related groups and start collaborating! I love that I have made new friends from working together and communicating through the groups I am a part of!

What Social Media Platforms Are Most Important to Growing My Blog?

Social Media is a HUGE part of blogging success. There are a ton of social media platforms out there but I’m going to share to most influential ones here.


The bottom line is that this is where people are hanging out and you really need to be there. A huge amount of my traffic comes from Facebook so it is an absolute must for in my book. Facebook is not only where you will reach your readers, but it is where you will build relationships and collaborate with other bloggers for support. Join the Women Who Blog group HERE.


Instagram comes naturally for me because I love taking photos. While it is a little harder to generate traffic from Instagram because you can’t place links in posts, it is still a hub of opportunity if you intend to monetize. If you take care of your Instagram and grow an engaged following, you will be presented with many money-making opportunities through Instagram alone!


Pinterest was the hardest platform for me wrap my fingers around. There’s a lot to learn for Pinterest and I will be writing a whole separate post on that. Long story short, don’t neglect getting that account set up. Once I finally got it all figured out, it became well worth it. Pinterest has a good reputation among bloggers for a reason. I’d like to refer to a Field of Dreams quote here: “If you build it, they will come.” Give Pinterest some time and love and it will turn into a massive source of traffic for your blog. Let’s just say that once the light switched on in my brain, my Pinterest views jumped nearly 10,000 by the end of that same month!


Twitter is my secret little traffic booster. You have to do a lot on twitter to be seen by your followers because the window of impact for each post is so small. The neat thing about twitter is that it really is all about a conversation. I started seeing success with my twitter once I started communicating through tweets. For example, instead of just favorite-ing a tweet, I’d respond to it in some way. Twitter is also a fantastic means of connecting to and being noticed by brands you would like to work with.

Email Lists – Should You Start Now Or Wait?

Now! Do NOT wait on getting your email list going! It is essential to growing your blog. An email list is a source of consistent and on-demand traffic and should ultimately help you increase your blogging income. Many bloggers make the mistake of waiting until they get their traffic built up to begin an email list. I, myself, made that mistake. I waited 5 months before I started building my email list. Yikes!

In the beginning, I tried using Mailchimp and it was SO hard. I tried for over a month to figure it out and it left me frustrated and discouraged. I finally switched to Mailerlite and I am SO HAPPY that I did!! Mailerlite is free to use up to 2,000 subscribers and, best of all, it is user-friendly. Making that switch really made a difference for my blog – and my brain! I can’t recommend it enough. You can sign up for your own free account here. Don’t wait to do this. An email list is an on demand source of traffic which will in turn help you make more money on your blog.

Growing Your Blog

5 Highly Effective Tips to Growing Your Blog

      1. Post Consistent Quality Content – Growing your blog also means growing your content. Post as often as you can. Optimize each post to be SEO (search engine optimization) friendly. I could not live without the YOAST plugin. This is a must-install and will help make your content rich and google friendly!
      2. Collaborate – Build relationships with fellow bloggers through Facebook and collaborate! You will learn a lot and many will become your first followers, friends and blogging mentors. Join our group HERE.
      3. Social Media and Email Marketing – Set up your social accounts and email marketing account right away. These are absolutely crucial to your success. In my experience, Mailerlite is the most user-friendly and it’s free up to 2,000 subscribers. Get set up HERE.
      4. Develop a Plan – Blogging is a lot of work and trying to keep up with multiple social media accounts can get overwhelming. Develop a plan that works for YOU. Use spreadsheets to keep login info (you’ll have MANY) and a planner to stay on track with what you need to complete each day/week. Facebook has post scheduling and for Pinterest, I highly recommend Tailwind. It is a fantastic resource that will help you dominate and grow your Pinterest. You get your first 200 pins free so you can try it out to see if it works for you. I would urge you to make Pinterest your top social priority as it will begin to drive a ton of traffic back to your website as you learn the ropes and become a pinning ninja!Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
      5. Lastly, subscribe to this FREE 5 DAY COURSE. It’s a total game changer! I completed this 5 day course 3 months after I launched my own blog and it the reason I was finally able to fill in the missing pieces. The information is clear, concise and really sets the foundation set for a money-making blog. In addition, it provides a TON of free valuable resources and access to a Facebook group that will provide a consistent traffic boost.

Growing Your Blog

Get the boost your blog needs with this 5 day course!

That’s all!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Good luck on growing your blog and I hope to see you around in our Facebook Group. Below, you can subscribe to receive more free blogging tips straight to your inbox!

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