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Flight Delays and Disney Magic

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Flight delays got us trippin’

As in, panicking. For the next week, we will be in Disney world. As a matter of fact, as I write this blog post, I am sitting on a flight headed out of Atlanta toward Orlando . I was never supposed to be in Atlanta. Does this face look like I am supposed to be in Atlanta?


We left Oklahoma earlier this afternoon, made our connection in Dallas, and our flight was scheduled to land in Orlando at about 7 pm. Everything was running smoothly until about an hour and a half ago. About 20 minutes before landing, came the bad news…

“There are storms over the airport in Orlando and we can’t land. We are re-directing to Atlanta.”

Oh, how my heart sank! Here sit two children (and one adult) making their first trip to Disney. Tomorrow, we have an 8:50 am breakfast reservation at the Crystal Palace and, the highlight event of the week, a 5:45 pm reservation at Cinderella’s Castle – a coveted reservation one must make 180 days in advance to secure. What will surely be the pinnacle moment of the entire week could now hang in the balance. Getting delayed/re-routed in Atlanta is  already a recipe for disaster, and this one has the potential to reach catastrophic proportions.

The captain says he is hoping for a gas and go, but isn’t sure what “they” will have us do or how long we will have to wait. “They,” clearly being the powers that will either leave us stranded in Atlanta or send us back into the air.  Where is Tinkerbell when you need her?! We could really use some pixie dust! For the sake of my sanity, I decide to stay hopeful that we can just gas up and get back in the air quickly. At this point, I don’t care what time I get to Orlando as long as we get there tonight! Or, at least by 8 am…

Ain’t no thing for a little Disney Magic

After landing and about 15 or so minutes of waiting, we got the news we were all waiting for. They are going to fill her up and we will be back in the air in around half an hour. Woo hoo! Finally, at 8 pm, we are back in business and happily on our way again. Only one more hour and we will be in Orlando. Looks like we got a little, advance dose of Disney Magic after all!

Delays are not only inconvenient, they are generally awful. They either keep you from a long-awaited destination and cut into your plans, or they keep you from getting home when you are dog tired. Either way, it stinks. Getting re-routed to Atlanta on your way to Disney World definitely stinks, but I am so grateful for the outcome. This evening could have been so much worse. Whoever was working behind the scenes to get our plane to Orlando handled the situation as efficiently as possible. Shout out to the cheery, Southwest flight crew who did their best to keep us entertained while we waited.  We seriously had the best people working for us that night. This is no promo, I’m not getting paid. They were awesome.

Well, that’s all folks. It’s time for me to sign off. It is just after 9 pm, wheels are on the ground, and I am listening to a plane full of happy passengers, many of whom are on their way to Disney World, applauding. Welcome to Orlando! Happy children, happy mom.


Stayed tuned for more about our magical week at Disney World!

7 thoughts on “Flight Delays and Disney Magic”

  1. UGH! Travel delays are such a killjoy! I hope you have a blast! I’ve never been to WDW but we go to Disneyland every year. It’s my favorite place!!

  2. You did great getting through the delay with your kids. It does suck 100% when there is a delay happening especially when the destination is an exciting place.

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