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This Famous Monument In Rome Won’t Be Free Much Longer

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Pantheon Famous Monument
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This Famous Monument in Rome Will Soon Charge

Free entrance to a famous monument or ancient site in Rome is almost unheard. There are few places in the eternal city that don’t charge an entrance fee and there is about to be one less. Currently, you won’t have to hand over euros to take a peek inside the Pantheon but, apparently, not for much longer.

According to The Local, an Italian press agency, the Culture Minister, Dario Franceschini, has announced that plans are holding to introduce an entrance fee for the Pantheon. The new fee is in response to costs operational costs associated with keeping the Pantheon open to the public.

pantheon famous monument
Entrance to the Pantheon.

Pantheon Highlights

A highlight of the Pantheon is certainly the Oculus, the 30 foot opening in the dome that illuminates the interior. The Oculus is the only natural light source, aside from the open Bronze doors, to the Pantheon. The Dome itself is pretty incredible. In fact, it is an magnificent architectural achievement. When you look up, you are looking at the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. While the dome and oculus is quite a site, don’t forget to look around – and down!

pantheon famous monument
The coffered dome of the Pantheon and the oculus. Five rings of 28 coffers that decrease in size and weight as they approach the 30 foot oculus. The height and diameter of the dome match at 142 feet.

The main portion of the Pantheon is a circular space, or rotunda, aligning with the dome. There are seven alcoves around the rotunda, three of which are tombs belonging to some pretty notable individuals in Italian history. One tomb belongs to Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of unified Italy, also known as “Father of the Nation.” Two other tombs within the Pantheon are that of Emanuele’s successor, Umberto I, and to the famous artist, Raphael. The alcove directly across from the entrance is the high altar.

The Pantheon High Altar.

What Some Don’t Know

What many people do not know before visiting is that, in addition to being the most well preserved ancient roman monuments, it is also a working church. While it was originally a pagan temple (pan theon = “all gods”), it was converted into a Christian church around 609 AD and continues operating as such in present time. The Pantheon’s modern day name is actually “Basilica di Santa Maria ad Martyres” (Church of St. Mary and the Martyrs). If you are Catholic (or just want to attend), head to the Pantheon for Sunday Mass next time you’re in Rome!

Oh, those marble floors are marvelous. In fact, the use of marble you will find throughout all of Rome is amazing. The beauty and the colors and the artistry is certainly something to behold. Look down and you’ll be looking at the original (and ancient) Roman marble floors. The marble flooring is a geometric design and the detail is astounding!

Pay to Play

So how much is it going to cost you to see the Basilica di Santa Maria ad Martyrs, aka The Pantheon? Take a breath because it doesn’t look like the price is going to be too steep. It appears the cost will only amount to a few euros and a site like this is well worth the pocket change. However, until sometime in 2018, you can still visit this famous monument for free.

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