Breckenridge Oktoberfest
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Breckenridge Oktoberfest 2017

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Breckenridge Oktoberfest
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Mountains, Brats, German Beer and Apple Strudel – It’s Breckenridge Oktoberfest 2017! 

Breck is PERFECT in the fall, and Breckenridge Oktoberfest is a perfect reason to pack your bags for a weekend in the best little mountain town in Colorado. That is exactly what we did. Southwest Airlines makes it super easy and super cheap for us to travel the OKC-DEN route, so there was little standing in our way of our favorite weekend getaway.

We decided to leave early Friday morning. Like, 6:40 am early. Only in hindsight can I appreciate this choice. It is just over a one hour flight from OKC and we gain an hour going. Long story short, we gained a whole day without having to pay for an extra night of lodging AND the flight was cheaper. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

We arrived in Denver around 7:15 in the morning and headed out to wait for the shuttle that would get us to the car rental. I was a little nervous about this because I had convinced the bf to use ACE Rent-a-Car since I had found a killer deal through Travelocity. Our rental ended up being about $100 cheaper overall through ACE than any other rental company. Neither of us had ever heard of this company before so this would be a test and I would be the responsible party if the test failed. Fortunately, everything worked out perfectly and it was an awesome deal. If you are traveling to Denver or Orlando (their only two current offices), find them on Travelocity and book!

First Things First

Breakfast! Our first stop after picking up the car is to find breakfast. Denver Biscuit Company was right off the highway and since we both love biscuits and neither of us and ever tried this place, we decided to give it a shot. I ordered the biscuit french toast with the warm fruit compote and whipped cream. Being a huge french toast fan, I remain on the hunt for the perfect serving. While I had high hopes here, unfortunately, this one wasn’t it.

I honestly wasn’t impressed with the biscuits. I’m not picky about too many things, but I have got to have my biscuits light and fluffy. The biscuits were massive, but they were also dense and heavy. It’s not my style but some people like biscuits this way. If that is you, this place might be for you. These babies were huge and felt like they weighed about 3 lbs! Again, they were just a little heavy for me and not the light and flaky goodness that I was hoping for.

The bf ordered biscuits and gravy so I tried one of his to see if maybe it was just because of the preparation difference, but it was just the style of baking. The sausage gravy was interesting. I am used to southern style breakfast and this tasted like maybe it was loaded with sage. For some, this will be delicious. For others, particularly southerners, it will be an unexpected flavor. Now, I will say that the strawberry compote and whipped cream was to die for! I could have eaten that all by itself!

All in all, the restaurant is trendy and fun and, depending on your tastes, has the potential to be a local favorite. If you’re in the area, take a look at the menu and if it suits you, give it a chance.

Breckenridge Oktoberfest 2017 Begins!

Breckenridge is about a 2 hour drive from the Denver airport and mostly scenic so it is a fun one. I always enjoy taking in the mountains from the passenger side and this time the early colors of fall are peaking though. My favorite part though is when you pull into Breck. I love the charm and comfort you feel as soon as you get to the Town of Breckenridge!

Credit: Bob Winsett, Breckenridge Tourism Office

Breckenridge Oktoberfest officially starts Friday afternoon which means we put lunch on hold for the sake of beer and brats! Have I mentioned how much I love bratwurst? And beer? So good! Thanks to the Breckenridge Tourism Office, I have an official ONE LITER mug and couple beer tokens to get started. My favorite beer of the festival was the Oktoberfest Weisn. Be careful with those beers, though. The altitude will sneak up on you! A good tip is to alternate some water between beers to make sure stay hydrated. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up an apple strudel!

Breckenridge Oktoberfest



After some food, a couple beers and a little bit of rest, we headed down to our FAVORITE Breckenridge hangout for our FAVORITE thing to eat when visiting. If you have been to Breckenridge and have not been to Eric’s, you have committed a sin. Ask forgiveness and then go to Downstairs at Eric’s and order their famous baked wings. Don’t bother trying to share them with anyone. Be selfish. Order one all for yourself. They’re the best thing since sliced bread – no kidding. I’d show you, but I forgot to take a picture before digging into my basket. You’ll just have to trust me.

The great thing about Eric’s is that all of their food is delicious. I ventured out and ordered some new things this time. I figured it was the right thing to do since we ate there twice for dinner and once for lunch. In fact, it was the ONLY restaurant we ate at in Breckenridge other than a quick bite at the local Daylight Donuts. My new choices were the Philly Sandwich (YUM) and the Hot Wing Pizza (Double YUM). I have also had onion rings, french onion soup and potato skins. All of them are delicious. Aside from the wings, choosing what to eat is always a struggle.

Downstairs at Eric’s is awesome for the kids too! They have an attached arcade with cheap games where the kids can have a ball while you wait for a table or after they finish. This is honestly probably my two girls favorite restaurant on earth. Nothing beats a super fun restaurant that has delicious food to boot!

Day 2 – Saturday

It is Saturday and Breckenridge Oktoberfest is now in full swing! After some coffee and a quick bite from Daylight Donuts to fuel up, we worked our way down Main Street to check out all the shops. Main Street is a fun little area to shop and has a little bit of everything – boutique shops, tourist shops, art galleries, local artisanal shops, as well as the standard shops like The North Face and Patagonia. We made sure to score a few good deals before finding some lunch at the festival!

For me, lunch was a repeat from yesterday – beer and brats. I was tempted to try some other really tasty looking options like the bavarian pretzel and the turkey leg but I was just too full! After some more shopping and a little break we headed back to… can you guess? Yes. We headed back to Eric’s for some dinner and a football game!

Should You Take The Kids?

YES! Definitely take your kiddos! There are so many activities that the kids can do and that families can do together. While Breck is an amazing ski village in the winter, it is just as great during the Summer and Fall. Breckenridge Oktoberfest is a perfect event for the whole family with music, shopping and incredible bavarian eats and treats. When you are not filling up on german goodies, try out some other outdoor activities. Besides beautiful hiking and cycling trails, there is also an entire fun park dedicated to kids! We checked out Epic Discovery for the first time while here and I have to say I was impressed!

epic discovery
A few of the activities at Epic Discovery on Peak 8.

Epic Discovery is at the base of Peak 8. Super convenient if you are staying at One Ski Hill, but simple to get to if you are staying closer to town. All you have to do to get there from town is ride the BreckConnect gondola all the way up. It is free and the kids will enjoy the ride. For parents, it is an opportunity to take in some scenery and scope out some other resorts located up the mountain.

As you can see, there are tons of fun activities that children, and the whole family, will enjoy. I can’t wait until I am able to take my own two kids back to Breck during the fall because I know they will have a blast! In the meantime, we will have to settle for snowboarding this winter!

If you are interested checking out more of what is available in Breckenridge, head over to the official website for Breckenridge tourism.

Where Should You Stay?

Finally, where should you stay? They are so many great places to say in Breckenridge and it really comes down to budget and location. That is why I love booking through Breck Condo With A View. My friend, Tanya, rents out four beautiful condos with easy access to Peak 8 and 9! If you are considering a trip to Breckenridge, I highly recommend checking her availability on her website Breck Condo With A View and enjoy staying in one her lovely properties that is convenient to both lifts and Main St at a fantastic price! Her website is full of pictures and even some videos of each of her properties along with the size and amenities. You really can’t beat this option. After many years of traveling to Breck regularly, I am so happy we found her!

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