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A Little about Me

Hi! I’m Jenna, author of Travels of Jenna and I am so happy you are here! My goal is to both allow you to share in my travels and to inspire you to explore and discover this beautiful world on you own! Hopefully, now and then, I can also help you save some money! Follow me on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on awesome travel hacks and deal alerts!

Fun Fact:

I love to tell stories, but what if I told you I am terrible at story-telling? Not what you want to learn about someone whose blog you’re about to read, huh? Wait! Don’t go… Let me explain. For some people, talking comes naturally. My boyfriend is one of them. Me? I prefer to hide behind this keyboard.

Maybe it’s the inner introvert (I say inner because I’m one the those mixed breed introvert/extrovert, and if you are also a member of this complex mixed breed club, you know my struggle) in me or maybe I’m just better with a pen. Who knows…but I’ve finally decided to write. Why? Because a life worth living is a life worth recording.

“A life worth living is a life worth recording.”

Life is many things. It is hectic, peaceful, difficult, exciting, challenging and, at time, downright crazy. In the midst of all that life is, it is also beautiful. Part of what makes life beautiful is seeing the world through fresh eyes and for me, that means traveling. Traveling gives perspective. I enjoy experiencing other cultures and will enjoy as many as The Good Lord will allow in my lifetime. Experiencing a new culture reminds us that we are all different, making it through life a different way; but we are all human, and we are all a part of the same big world. This blog was born of an urgency to record those experiences.

In this fast-paced life, we forget details sooner than we would like to believe. Let me tell you about my personal wake up call. My daughter completed a project on France this past school year and since I visited France during high school, I offered her some of my photos to include. My sense of pride for making a meaningful contribution to her project quickly faded as I flipped through the photos, struggling to remember details. I realized I didn’t know half of what I was looking at in the photos and I still can’t tell you the name of the city we stayed in or even names of several of the people with whom I traveled. I couldn’t believe it! Am I that old already? It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long! Time to start recording. Why?

“A journey worth taking is a journey worth recording.”

I love – REALLY LOVE – traveling and I’m not running around the globe only to have countless memories of beautiful and irreplaceable experiences slowly washed away against my will. I want to remember everything. Besides that, as a mother who is raising her children to love travel, I want them to have a record of and learn from my experiences – especially ones in which they are able to take part. They might not remember much about some of the places they go while they are young, but I know that someday they will appreciate having something on which they can look back.

Welcome to Travels of Jenna