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10 Gift Ideas A Traveler Will Actually Love – Christmas 2017

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10 Gift Ideas For A Very Special Traveler

Can you believe how fast the year has gone by? Christmas season is finally here again and it’s time to start thinking about what special gift to give your friend or partner. Isn’t it fun when you find that perfect gift?! There are lots of things I love about Christmas – the lights, the decorations, Christmas carols. Everything is so beautiful and full of joy. Finding someone the perfect gift is joy. The funny thing is that I never know in advance what it will be. I have to just SEE it. That’s why I wrote this article. Maybe one of these 10 gift ideas is the perfect one for the traveler in your life. Scratch that, 11. I had to add one more idea to the end!

10 gift ideas

Corkcicle Canteen


This 12 ounce insulated tumbler comes in five colors and is perfect coffee, tea, cocktails or dare I say wine? These babies will keep her (or his) cool drinks cold and the hot ones steamy wherever she is at in the world. Choose from rose quartz, gloss white, matte black, brushed steel or gloss turquoise! Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Go Pro HERO6


Capture all of life’s adventures with the new GoPro HERO6! This one comes with a bit of a price tag, currently retailing for $499 on Amazon. Holiday sales are coming though and it might just be time to score one for the man or woman in your life who is always on the go. If this price is a little too steep, you can nab last year’s model for as little as $299. Find it here.


Smart TSA-Approved Travel Lock


Gift the gift of peace of mind with this eGee Touch Smart TSA Travel Lock. Unlocks with a simple touch to your phone, smart watch or key fob. This cool luggage lock comes with built-in wireless tracking so you will always know where your luggage is located and will even warn you through your phone when your bag leaves a set vicinity. A fully charged battery is good for about 4,000 lock/unlock cycles so you’ll be good for a good long while but, just in case, the lock comes with an NFC backup fob. The list price is $44.90, but you can often find it on sale at Amazon.

Apple SD card reader


Let’s face it, we live in a mobile world and sharing photos is a must. This little gem bridges the gap between SLR and all those precious social media accounts. Nothing cramps your Instagram style like having to upload all of those fabulous photos to your pc and then have to transfer them over to your phone. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Just plug your SD card into one side and your iPhone into the other and VOILA!  Order from Amazon


Olloclip Active Lens Set


Sometimes taking an SLR along just isn’t practical and you’ve got to rely on your phone for those epic shots. The Olloclip is a perfect and packable addition that easily snaps onto your phone. The Active Lens set includes a telephoto and ultra-wide lens to ensure the best snap. View product and read more here.



The Trtl Pillow


Half the size of a normal travel pillow, scientifically proven to support even those long flights and the soft fleece will keep you cozy. The Trtl is definitely for the traveler in your life! Currently $29.99 on Amazon. 

Raden A22 Carry-on Luggage


This carry-on is functionality and class all rolled into one. Features include flexible high gloss shell made of 100% polycarbonate, waterproof seals, 4 double-spin wheels, a TSA approved lock, integrated power bank with two usb chargers and bluetooth technology so you can keep tabs on where it is at all times. Oh, and it weighs itself. How about that?! No more wondering whether or not you might get extra bag fees tacked onto your ticket. You won’t have to worry about the recent smart luggage ban either because Raden luggage is equipped with removable batteries. This carry-on is where it’s at! Check out all 7 colors to choose from.


Cork Globe


This Cork Globe is a perfect gift for the world traveler. Use the pushpins to mark where you have been or by some mixed color pushpins to color code where you have been and where you’re still dreaming to go! Not only is this globe a creative way to showcase adventures, but it is also an excellent conversation piece that will go great anywhere in the home. Buy it here.



Bose Quiet Comfort 35


Take a seat, tune in to your favorite music or audio book and travel peacefully with the ultimate noise-canceling headphones, Bose QC 35! These guys will get through even the longest of flights with 20 hours of wireless playing time or 40 hours wired. You really can’t go wrong with a perfect set of headphones! Order the Bose QC 35 here.




Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera – Jenna’s Pick!


This camera is a Jenna’s Pick because I personally use this camera and it is a great entry-level DSLR. Stepping up from your phone camera or a basic point and shoot to a DSLR can be intimidating. I know from experience! The D5300 is perfect because it’s got the user-friendliness you need as you up your photo game without sacrificing quality. This particular model also has gps tagging which is a must in my book.

When you take 1500 photos over the course of two weeks in Italy, that feature comes in really handy. I also feel like you get extraordinary value for the price on this camera. It’s not hard to push the $1,000 mark on a DSLR body and lens kit, but you can snag this one for under $600. Part of the reason the price is so good is because it isn’t the latest model; however, I personally believe that the D5300 is a better choice anyway. Shop Nikon on Amazon.

Scratch Off World Map

Last, but certainly not least is the World Scratch Off Travel Map. You’ve probably seen this one making the rounds on Facebook and for good reason! A traveler is typically very proud of how much of the world they have discovered and have every intention to see as much of it as possible. This map is a unique and fun way to track your travel and inspire more journeys. I’ve even heard of people framing it! Even better, priced at $29.99, this gift won’t break the bank. Order now!

Make my Christmas merry by sharing these 10 gift ideas! 🙂

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  1. We have the Hero 6 and love it! I totally recommend a Karma stick to go with it, as the stabilization in the photos and video is amazing with the Karma. I also just gifted myself a Nikon DLSR camera for Christmas. However, my husband thinks he is laying claim and has literally been going around our house and our woods taking photos because he amazes himself with his “skills” LOL.

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